Club Pricing


1 Beginners

Karate Beginners: First lesson free, reduced membership fee & karate suit

Beginners are offered the first lesson lesson free of charge as a trial lesson

To continue training the student must first pay for a yearly membership at a special reduced price for beginners.

Thereafter karate lesson fees are charged on attendance.

The beginners membership fee including a free karate suit is: £15.00.

Please click on the relevant Membership tab or Lesson Fees tab for usual charges.


2 Membership

Annual Membership Fee

This membership fee pays for a Jin Sei Kai Licence which must be renewed each year at the end of March.

JSK Licence books are given after completing the first grading (belt examination)

Price: £25.00

 ~ More about the Jin Sei Kai Licence

3 Lesson Fees

Lesson Fees

Lessons fees must be paid in full before each lesson.

Price: £6.50 (per lesson)


4 Gradings

Karate Grading Fees - (Belt Examinations)

Beginner to brown belt

Grading fees: beginner to brown belt

White belt (9th sen) to brown belt (1st kyu)

Pay early and save £5.00     

Price: £25.00

~ More about the coloured belt system for karate

Black belt and above

Grading fees for black belt

Shodan (black belt 1st dan) and Nidan (black belt 2nd dan) etc


Please complete the dan grade application form (available from the club secretary)

Please ask for a character reference letter on headed paper from your school teacher and return it to the club secretary.

Price: £65.00

~ More about requirements for dan grading.



~More about the karate gradings

5 Badges

Tiger badge

Jin Sei Kai Tiger Badge

Note: The JSK tiger badge is to be worn on the left breast of the karate suit jacket.

Price: please see the club secretary for the price.

Merit Awards

Jin Sei Kai Merit Award

Bronze, Silver and Gold awards

Price: £12.00

~ More about merit awards

Karate Proficiency badges

Karate Proficiency badges

One badge per month permitted
Proficiency badges are free although a small charge is made for lost badges.


~ More about proficiency badges

6 Belts

Karate Belts

Sizes available: 250cm(child), 280cm (adult)

Coloured belts (plain)

Price: £5.00

Coloured belts (with stripes)

Price: £5.00

Coloured tags

Description: Coloured tags to be sewn on the ends of the belt sold per pair.

Price: £0.50

Notes: Funds received for belts and tags go towards the Christmas party.

 ~ More about the coloured belt system for karate


7 Suits

Please ask the club secretary (at the club desk) if you need a new suit.

Price: suit prices vary according to the size

7 Savings

Note: Savings can be made with frequent attendance. When students attend two lessons in the same week the third lesson is free

Grading fees are reduced if paid two weeks early.


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