Introducing the Young Tigers karate Beginners course for children in Enfeld, London

Beginners can join the beginners group at any time as long as they have enrolled on our karate beginners course for children.

About the beginners course

The beginners course provides students with a taste of karate and a chance to see what karate is like.

Core features

The beginners course consists of:

Four lessons (each lasting one hour )

The Lessons

Duration: 4 lessons (each lasting one hour )

While many students just come along once a week for four weeks, some enthusiastic students have been known to come along to every lesson and finish the course in just over a week

What will I learn?

In a few short weeks students are taught some simple techniques for punching, kicking, and basic self defence.

We also have a matted area where children can learn some ground techniques and practice kicking techniques without fear of falling. The mats are also used for playing games and exercises

When To Arrive

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to allow some time for registration form filling, payments and trying on suits

Karate Games

Games for strength and speed of reaction

As well as learning some basic karate techniques, we intermingle training with karate related games.

Some games are played individually, with a partner or in a team. The games themselves are designed with topics in mind. Some speed up reactions and others are for strength and agility. The essential idea is that people in best when they're having fun. By the end of the course most students will be slightly more confident than when they started.

To find out more about the games and variety of training please look at the Club Activities section

When can I start?

You can start any time, just come along to the next class for your age and ability. See our class timetable for the next class but be sure to check our calendar just to make sure the class is running.

If you prefer you can always contact us by phone to make sure the classes running

Is any special clothing required?

 Please wear loose clothing

Students should arrive in loose clothing such as a T-shirt, sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms.

It would be unusual for us not to have a suit available in your child's size. Wearing the clothes described above can help in some cases. Sometimes the children may need to enter the class while registration, application and payments are being made at the desk. In such cases it is common for the children to join the class during the warming up exercises while wearing training clothes and then allow them to try on their suit later.

Please remove jewellery

Please remember to remove any watches earrings and other jewelry as children cannot train if these items are being worn.

For safety rules when some earrings or rings that cannot be removed they will have to be taped. If earrings are caught in a suit or someone's hand it could cause serious injury to both the person wearing the earring and the training partner.

Training shoes

For most of the year karate training is normally done in bare feet. During the winter months sometimes the floor of the sports hall can become very cold so we allow children to wear training shoes. On these occasions it is preferable to training wear shoes that do not slide nor grip too much. Either kind of shoe sole can cause injury to knees when students turn or twist the body. Socks cannot be worn as children may slip on the floor and injure themselves.

Other FAQs

Please see our FAQs page for other useful information

How to book a place on a beginners course

To book a place on our beginners course please follow the steps below.

Choose a convenient day to attend

Look at the class timetable and choose a suitable class for the student's age and availability

Find out where we train

See our club venue for our address, map and travel instructions

Always check the club calendar in advance

Always check the club calendar just in case there is a special event happening on the day that you intend to start.

Sometimes there are cancellations due to bank holidays and Christmas holidays.

During the summer we have a different timetable.

Four times a year we hold a grading (belt examination). This is normally on a Saturday and all children train at the same time at 2 PM

Applying in person

To apply in person just visit us during one of our club sessions at Southbury leisure centre

When you arrive at the leisure centre reception desk please ask for Young Tigers Karate club or head for the sports hall. The receptionist should allow you to enter through the turnstile and there should be no need to pay any fee

The Young Tigers club desk is in the sports hall where the children train.

Please note that there are several other karate clubs at the sports centre who have their club desk in the main reception area. It is a good idea to have a look at all the clubs to see which one would be best for you. If you prefer to come to our club then just head straight towards the sports hall. Please ask for 'Anne' at our club desk. We are also very fortunate to have help from other parents who will be able to answer any questions.

Applying by phone

Phone number: 020 8360 6870 (David)

Please call us giving us the child's name, age and approximate height. This will help us to make sure we bring a suitably sized suit in our bag. We normally carry a set of karate suits ranging from small child to large adult sizes but it always helps to know if we need to add a few extra suits of a particular size.

Applying by email

To book a place on a beginners course by email please contact us through our contact us page.

Please email us giving us the child's name, age and approximate height. This will help us to make sure we bring a suitably sized suit in our suits bag. We normally carry a set of karate suits ranging from small child to large adult sizes but it always helps to know if we need to add a few extra suits of a particular size.





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