Karate for children and teenagers in London

The club will be accepting new members in December 2019


Children and teenagers from all over Enfield and surrounding boroughs have joined the club over the years since the club began in 1987.


If you are interested in taking up karate can make a start by joining our beginners class

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 Karate and self defence

A wide variety of karate and self defence techniques is taught in a fun and enthusiastic manner. The club is just for children and teenagers, classes for two age groups are on offer. There is a class for children aged 5 to 7 years old and another for children and teenagers aged from 8 to 18. 


The lessons and philosophies learned in karate can help to produce successful students for school and university. In fact several of our students have passed their black belts and returned to help teach for the club after graduating from university.


Learning karate is a fun way to develop, strength, balance and flexibility which are skills that can also help with other sports.

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