Karate students wear coloured belts which denote the rank and experience of the student.

Beginners are given a white belt included with their suit. The belt chart shows belts in order of rank.

Beginners and students being examined for the first time should fill out a grading card. Read more about first grading here


Karate students sitting on the floor with grading certificates


Testing Requirements

In karate terminology we use the term grading to mean belt examination. To a

Although we have six gradings (examinations) a year,  students are only permitted to take up to four examinations in any one year.


See grading list or club calendar for grading dates



Lesson Attendance

20 lessons is the minimum attendance required for most students who train 2 or more sessions per week.

25 to 30 lessons are often required for students who only attend once a week. Please note that the more frequent students practice the better they become. After 20 lessons the standard of most students who train twice a week will be better than those who only train once a week. 


Advanced Examinations

More learning time is needed to reach the required standard for the advanced belt examinations for instance 100 lessons are required for 1st Kyu students preparing for black belt. This figure is a guide and is roughly equates to training twice a week for a year.  High energy levels are required for these sessions for best results.

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